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Hi! I'm Joyeux! Here are 2 things about me:

I love watermelon.

And I paint with all the colors.

Ive always drawn, as long as I can remember. however, making it into a business started when I was 12, selling intricate coloring pages at a farmers market when my dad was working his stand. It ended up pretty successful, I even sold one to an ambassador of a certain African country! Once the summer was over I collected the rest of my coloring pages and bound them into books selling them to family and friends to fund a mission trip. However, a year passed and I was tired of of working with sharpies and pens, making pages for other people to color, I had always loved drawing people and coloring but for my business I had curved my creativity to give a certain product. I decided to change my business from Joycoloringpages to JustJoyeux and started producing watercolor's and people drawings and the art I enjoy making! Now two years since the beginnings of Just Joyeux I've produced over 100 watercolors and more to come! 

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Phone no. 607-542-8388

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